Hexagon World

A hazy world filled with long, hexagon-shaped (or partially hexagon-shaped) buildings. Smaller blocks are also scattered about. One wider block with a door takes you to the Rice Field.

Helmet effect can be found here, when you enter to small block with a door a distance north from the Nexus entrance.

LC Hexagons

Hexagon world, zoomed-out.

Hexagon World with Lights

Hexagon World with Lights. Door takes you to the Rice Field.

As of V0.030, the area has been turned completely dark, requiring use of the Moon effect.

There is 5 types of rocks in main area to be appear when number of time Chie slept reaches 3, 4, 6, 8 and 10 respectively. Eventually the passages in south and west from the Nexus are blocked by rocks.


Soundtrack here is BGM019.

  • V.0.020
  • Helmet effect room
  • V.0.030
  • Helmet effect room


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