Purple Eye World








eye blobs, eye stalks, disembodied head


Nexus, Tile Maze

The Purple Eye World can be found by going through the purple door in Nexus. It's comprised of many spongey, ashen-looking pathways suspended over blackness, whereupon sit some many-eyeballed creatures, shaped like blobs and petals, in a variety of colors.


The Axe can be found here, and is a relatively easy first effect to find, if you have yet to grab the Sneakers.

The HeadEdit

There are three parts to this area: The first section is accessed from the Nexus, the Axe effect could be found there. Walking through the pink and purple creatures on the dead end of one of the paths, then heading back and advance to the second section, where many single-eyed creatures appear around. Find another pair of creatures in yellow and green, walking through then heading back will advance to the third section. The third section is a one-way path leads to a portal to the Tile Maze, but also to a disembodied head between two eye creatures. It lacks a visible face and has a crop of dark hair. Keep hitting the head with the Axe will damage it severely and bleed, hit 5 times makes it disappear with a scream. The character is unnamed in the asset files, and killing it seems to bring about no immediate consequence.


  • Hitting the large eye creatures with the axe will trigger the usual death sound and blood animation, but the creature will be unscathed. With this genre, it's hard to tell whether this is merely a lack of play-testing or serves some symbolic purpose.


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